What To Say With Neighbors And Friends

Here we will discuss what you should and shouldn’t say to your friends and neighbors. This general guide will vary depending upon your specific property, your situation and the market. Discuss this information with your agent before your property goes to the current market 


1. Can I tell my neighbors that I am moving?

Yes! Of course! This can actually build positive hype around your property. Make sure to tell them that you have already signed up with an agent and how excited you are to them.

2. Can I give out our listing price before we are on the market?

Nick Ahrens does not recommend giving out the price until the property is on the market. When the price is disclosed to the public, it will always get scrutinized. Many times people get phone calls saying a property is priced too low and the next phone call will be someone saying the property is priced too high! Trust your agent with pricing, and make sure listing price originates from a comprehensive understanding of the market. Many neighbors will go online and look up computer-generated estimates of home values, which will likely be far from the reality of true market value. Quality agents know true market value better than neighbors and computer algorithms.

3. What can we tell neighbors about offers that came in?

We do not recommend discussing any offers that came in. Loose lips sink ships and silence is golden. Avoid giving details about offers, such as prices. Refer to your agent about this. Keep it short and say things like, “it is going well and we got a fantastic price!” or something along the lines of, “the process is going smoothly, we are about to accept a reasonable/fair offer.”

4. What happens if we get letters, mail or other negative information about my agent? What if I receive solicitations from other agents?

Unfortuantely and pathetically, this situation does happen. Be sure to tell your agent about these unethical and (sometimes) illegal solicitations. It is important that communication and trust will remain at a high level. Top agents will receive this information and it will not affect them. Poor quality agents will react negatively, outlandishly and take these things personally and offensively.

5. Ever unsure about something?

Call your agent and ask. We are here to help! 

*This was written by Nick Ahrens in 2017. It is merely an opinion, not intended to be a definitive system that works every time for everyone. Every homebuyer and family is different and all are in a different situations; because of this, talk to your local real estate expert to modify your search and customize your approach. Nick Ahrens, Remax Premier Realty, Kamran Realtors and their affiliates are not liable or responsible for any loss in attempted interpretation and use of this information.