Home Seller Information - First Steps

The following information is designed to augment the sale of your home and it a compilation of information for educational purposes.  Click on the free, downloadable eBooks all written by Nick Ahrens.  Also be sure to click on the images to watch YouTube videos detailing and demonstrating the information in the eBooks.

San Clemente, CA
San Clemente, CA

Choosing an Agent to Sell Your Home

Click this link, or the image to the left to listen to a detailed podcast about selecting an agent.  The general principles are: discount agent get you discount results; it is important to hire someone you trust and knows the area well; and make sure they work for you and they require you to put work in for them to get the home sold. 



47 Easy Ways to Sell Faster

Download this free eBook today!  Here are 47 things you should do before your home goes to the market.  These tips and tricks are easy, effective and will help you sell your home faster. Click the image to the left to watch Nick Ahrens demonstrate many of these tips and tricks.

San Clemente, CA

What to Say to Neighbors and Friends About Your Upcoming Move

We want to share our excitement with our family, friends and neighbors, and we should!  At the same time, we should do our best to not disclosure listing price (before hitting get market), offers, negotiation details, and some other things.  This download this Ebook to learn more.  Email Nick Ahrens today with questions you have!