Buyer and Seller Information Database

This MASSIVE database of information is only a fraction of what Nick has to offer.  If you are looking for some ideas of what a top real estate agent does, you've come to the right place.  Below are some basic concepts on a variety of topics for everyone looking to sell your home, buy a home and a ton more.  Each topic is in a rough chronological order for a transaction, start to finish.  All topics have a link to a webpage and a link to an eBook, Nick's Podcast and/or YouTube channel.  This information gets updated frequently.  So be sure to check back for new posts, YouTube uploads, Podcasts and more eBooks. For any and all questions, and to hire Nick today, be sure to contact Nick today.

For all of you who are planning on selling a home or want to learn how tips to sell your home, take a look at the first few posts in the Seller Information section.  If you are actively searching for a house for sale, a firs time home buyer, or are looking for tips and help at any stage of the process, take a look in the Buyer Information section.  For all real estate agents, buyers, sellers, friends, and everyone else, there is a huge volume of information in the Other Tips and Tricks section about homes, townhouses, the MLS, interviews, podcasts, real estate market information, and everything real estate related.

Seller Information


Selecting An Agent to Sell Your House

Selecting the right agent to sell your house is very important.  Many will say different things and here's a guide n what to look for and what to be cautious of when choosing a real estate agent. (COMING SOON)

47 EASY Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

47 Ways to sell your home quicker, and likely for more money.  These 47 easy tips and tricks are a small fraction of what Nick reviews with all of his clients before your home goes on the market.  Download the free eBook and watch his YouTube video on the subject! (COMING SOON)

What to Say To Neighbors and Friends

Those closest to us will be very interested in your home sale.  It is important to keep your relationships with them while not divulging to much about your sale.  Remember that the world is a much smaller place than we realize.  We don't want some information to be spread.  This free eBook discusses the basics of this topic.

How To Analyze Offers

Analyzing offers and negotiation are extremely important aspects to your home sale.  Nick has written a guide to the general principles of negotiating and analyzing offers here.  Only a fraction of his knowledge will presented in this information.  Take a look!

How To Negotiate - For Sellers

Negotiation is a critical point in selling a house.  Pushing too much can contribute to a buyer getting cold feet and backing out.  Not pushing enough will leave money on the table.  This guide will help educate you in negotiating the sale of your property.  Hiring a real estate agent with proven real estate negotiation strategy is crucial.

Buyer Information


Nick's Buyer-Agent Duties

Ever wonder what Nick Ahrens does for his buyer-clients?  This is a small portion of the high level of service Nick provides, and will give you an example of the level of detail given to every client.  This short list goes above and beyond what most agent do for their clients.

Before You Search!

The following information is designed to assist you and save you huge amounts of time.  Do these steps before you actively home search!  This is an excellent resource for first time homebuyers.

Open House Dos and Don'ts - Open House Etiquette

Open house visitings can be awkward, especially for first time buyers.  This guide will give you detailed insight into open houses.  

How to Write an Offer

Before you write an offer, you and your agent need to get to work.  There are a lot of things that can help strengthen your offer and help you stand out among the competition. There is a lot of research that must be done before writing the offer.  See links before for detailed information on this subject.

How to Negotiate - For Buyers

After submitting an offer, often times the seller will send a counter offer, negotiations begin.  Similar negotiation principles apply to buyers and sellers.  Asking for too much will upset a seller and they will refuse the deal.  Not asking enough may create a lopsided deal, in favor of the seller.  Knowing how to negotiate properly is very important.  This guide will help educate you in negotiating real estate as a buyer.

Other Tips and Tricks


Podcast #1: Interview With Our Swedish Intern

Victoria was one of our favorite interns of all time.  She is studying to become an agent in Sweden (which takes years).  This podcast was about her experiences and what she learned about Orange County real estate culture, our office/how we run our business and some fun.

Podcast #2: The importance of a Real Estate Team

Nick interviews his transaction coordinator who has overseen thousands of transactions, been with several top agents and she is better than almost any other transaction coordinator in the business.  She is a strong believer that agents without a strong team behind them cannot succeed at a high level.  She gives tips for what to look for in an agent and tips for agents on structuring a team.

All of the information below no how to buy a home, how to sell a home, and everything else is intended for educational purposes only.  Nick Ahrens, Remax Premier Realty and Kamran Realtors are not responsible or liable in any way for any loss, damage or injury as a result from attempted use of any of the above information. Every area has a different market, states and counties have different laws and every person is in a different situation and thus a lot must be accounted for before taking any action.  Be sure to contact a licensed real estate agent before taking any action.