Renovations, Remodels and Upgrades

Youtube videos coming soon!


Youtube videos coming soon!


Remodeling? Renovating? Upgrading?

It is important to carefully plan your upgrades.  Before planning everything first there's something you should take into consideration...  Will you eventually sell your home?  If so, make sure the upgrades you are selecting are modern enough to not decrease your home value for when you go to sell.  In other words, upgrading your kitchen to have line green cabinets and blue tile counter tops may have been instill back in the 1960's, however it will significantly decrease the value of your home when we go to sell it.  Upgrading to a modern or contemporary feel is ideal.   Even if this is not your style, there are things we can do to improve the value of your home and upgrade it to the tastes you like.

Yes, Nick also helps home owners keep their homes and live more comfortably.  He can assist every client in getting bids, designing and organizing contractors to help create a dream home before they move in.  Imagine an agent that can organize the contracting work for you, and have it all start the same day you buy your home... that's Nick!  Call him today!

There is a depth of knowledge above and beyond most real estate agents due to Nick's background and experiences flipping homes.  Rather than hiring a general contractor, it is often less expensive to sub-contract out all of the planned work.  This requires more time, due-diligence and more planning for the home owner.  That's where Nick comes in.  He is able to assist in contacting contractors, acquiring estimated, organize operations between vendors for a low-cost and expedient remodel.  Nick has been involved in gutting an entire 5 bedroom home and remodeling the entire property in less than a month!  Many contractors can take 6-10 months to get this type of full remodel done.  Whether you are seeking advice and referrals for minor things, kitchens, bathrooms, or and entire gut of your home, call Nick.



Before putting a home on the market, Nick does a full property valuation.  One significant portion of this is to estimate the cost up various upgrades and determine which upgrades will be cost effective to sell your home for the highest sales price. Contact Nick for information on this.