Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to create wealth and income for life.  Nick currently works with multiple real estate investors and has been working with investors since he started assisting his father in 2011.  Nick Ahrens has tremendous experience working with residential real estate investments.  For questions about investing in real estate, contact Nick today.

A majority of millionaires made their first million dollars in real estate...


Condos and Units

Investing in condos and multiple unit properties can be a fantastic source of income for you and your family for years to come.  Contact Nick today about assistance in purchasing condos and multi-unit properties.  Contact Nick today about buying and selling units.


Wholesale Properties and Flips

Looking to buy or sell wholesale properties in Orange County?  Contact Nick today... he knows a lot of people...


Single Family Homes

Single family homes have become one of the highest appreciating investments in the United States. They are time tested and are often a great investment.  As a full service agent, Nick can negotiate an amazing deal on purchasing a single family investment property, assist with the contracting work to renovate, and rent it out for you.  It is extremely rare to find an agent who can assist you start to finish.  Contact Nick today about investing in single family properties.


Commercial Investments

Nick does not do commercial real estate investments.  Throughout his years in the industry he has come to know many wonderful people in the commercial world and would love to connect you to his amazing contacts.  Contact Nick today about finding a commercial real estate agent to assist you.