Home Seller Information

Here are the three main steps in selling your home.  Call Nick for more information!  Each downloadable .pdf contains highly valuable information that most agents require an agency form to be signed to get.  Here you will get this crucial information at no charge, without obligation.   When you are preparing to sell your home, first call Nick, then download these pdf guides.


First Steps

There are a handful of simple steps that need to be taken to sell your home with Nick. Below is a link to several boiler plate things which need to be addressed well before you put your home on the market.


Youtube instructional videos coming soon!


Activation / Publishing Your Home

Professional agents know that timing and first impressions are vital to how your home will sell.  Nick is an expert at this.  Now that you have done through the first list of items and reviewed them with Nick, take a look here to see what comes next.  Preparing your home for that first day and first week on the market is imparative! 


Youtube instructional videos coming soon!


What to Expect Next

Now that your home is on the market, here is what to expect.  Nick will have had this discussion before we activate your property, when you chose Nick, this is already taken care of.  Every market is different and current market conditions will dictate.  Here's a quick summary of what to expect.


Youtube instructional videos coming soon!