Home Buyer Information

Nick is dedicated to adding as much value to his clients as possible.  For this reason all information below is free in a printable .pdf format. Below are three main steps in finding and buying a home.  If you don't find what you are looking for here, contact Nick directly and he will love helping you out!


Before You Search!

Before you waste a ton of time, educate yourself.  You will soon be entering the competitive market of home buyers who are prepped, educated and know what they are looking for.  In order to give yourself an advantage amongst other home buyers, education is imperative.  This free guide is something you should read before you look at a single property, before you decide what areas to consider and before you do anything else.  


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During Your Search!

Now that you are educated and we have the back-end work out of the way, we can begin the home search.  What should you look for?  What do agents see?  What should caution you? There are several things to consider while searching locations.  This free guide will  assist you with how to look at a property.


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Placing Offers / Negotiation

You found a few homes you'd love to live in, now what?  Here's a simple guide to traverse through offer placing and negotiation.  This information will make you appear to be a much higher quality home buyer.  Also found here are some negotiation tips to tackle common things that Nick encounters.


Youtube videos coming soon!